Community Development

Working in partnership with the community to build a resilient, socially inclusive community where individuals and groups are empowered to effect change within their community.

  • Respond to the identified and emergent needs of the local community
  • Participate in networks and support network development.
  • Provide community/community centre based development and support activities
  • Promote community engagement and connectedness
  • Provide community education activities that promote public awareness of social issues

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Ravenshoe Community Gardens

Millstream Care Group

Soon to start, Student Support Services, a tutoring service to help young people achieve certificates in their chosen careers.

The Millstream Care Group

The Millstream is arguably one of Ravenshoe’s most beautiful and under-utilised assets. It is clean, full of wildlife and an easy walk from the town centre. Unfortunately council doesn’t have the people power or resources to maintain the walking tracks all the way along. Currently the tracks are kept clear from the end of Norman Street through to the park behind the railway and beyond past the council depot. Walking downstream from Norman Street is impossible as the tracks are completely overgrown. This is a section of the Millstream that is particularly beautiful and much used by the young people of the town.


Ravenshoe Community Centre and Tableland Regional Council are starting a joint project to clean up this end of the reserve and maintain it. The Work for the Dole crew had cleared the area and planted out a section with native trees supplied by Council. Since the end of the program there had been no upkeep and the area is back to wild again. The Community Centre will supply volunteers and tools and coordinate the project in consultation with the Parks and Gardens department of council.  We will endeavour to get a rubbish bin or two in place also. There are a number of  locals that regularly pick up the rubbish and it’ll make that task easier if there are bins.


There are many ideas floating in the community for ways to improve this wonderful area and hopefully we will see some of them achieved in the coming years.  Although our Council doesn’t have the resources to maintain and improve the Millstream, it doesn’t mean that we, as a community, can’t take pride and action ourselves to create a wonderful recreation space that could even be a tourist attraction. The project is called “The Millstream Care Group” and if you’d like to be involved please get in touch with The Ravenshoe Community Development Worker on 40976836 or email